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Product Features – ReCharge Series

features01 StarryNite ContourFit POCKETED SPRINGING SYSTEM
StarryNite ReChargeTM mattress series comes with ContourFit Pocketed Springing System, an advanced innovation from Europe. They conform instantly to your body’s contours, providing perfectly balanced support.
features02 M-Flex Edge Stabilizer
StarryNite mattresses are strengthened by high-tension torsion steel bar along the edges for extra support and wider sleeping area.
features03 High Quality Latex Sheet
A layer of high quality latex sheet is added to the upholstery of StarryNite ReCharge 2 and ReCharge 3 mattresses. It offers resilient, long lasting support and conform perfectly to your body’s contours for superb comfort and back support.
featured05 Ventilator
Additional ventilators in StarryNite ReChargeTM mattresses give extra ventilation to your mattress. This allows fresh air to pass through your mattress, giving you a cooler and more comfortable slumber.
features04 15 Years’ Warranty
StarryNite is for durability. Its 15 years warranty on mattresses and spring divans is a testimony that attests to its superior quality, making it a wise choice and a worthy investment for modern lifestyle.